We’ve got an appointment @ Into the Ride, Martigny 3-4 Nov 2017


« Into the Ride », a unique event focusing on board culture and the world of freestyle.

Boarding Time Expo

An exhibition dedicated to board culture and the development of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding

Presence of brands and associations active in the boarding world

Freestyle Zone Experience

An area focusing on the activity itself

Demonstrations by professionals and initiations for the general public

Freestyle experience, a demonstration area

“Into the ride”, will provide an opportunity to take part in demonstrations of different disciplines led by elite athletes showing their skills. The athletes will also share their techniques at initiation sessions in a specially converted zone. The visitors, whether they have a background in the sport or are simply curious, will learn more and discover how it feels to take part in board sports.

Music Live & Dj’s

Backed by a committee of dedicated enthusiasts, “Into the Ride” also has the support of snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue, a multiple winner of the Freeride World Tour.

Music Live & Dj’s

Accompagné par un comité de passionnés, « Into the Ride » est également parrainé par le snowboardeur Xavier de Le Rue, multiple vainqueur du Freeride World Tour.

A space dedicated to Board Culture

The first area at the exhibition will centre on an exhibition connecting surfing, skating and snowboarding through their shared history: board culture. Visitors will have the chance to find out more about these disciplines: how they began, evolved and the key events which marked their history.

A number of exponents of board culture will also be in attendance. Shapers will make boards onsite, present their profession and explain the complexity, characteristics and particularities of their art. Moreover, freestyle associations will provide an insight into their actions and activities. The sector’s brands will also be invited to exhibit their latest products and innovations.

visit the official website “into the ride”

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